Asynsis Principle-Constructal Law Seminar: Shanghai Saturday 15/09/12












Shanghai – River South Art Centre – Suzhou Creek
Saturday 15 September at 3.45pm: Asynsis principle, the geometric signature of the new Constructal design law of nature and culture.
At the “Trans-Cultural Design in Practice” symposium at the River South Art Centre Shanghai.
It’s organised by the Nantes-Shanghai Design University Transcultural Design faculty where I am a Master’s supervisor in Space Design .
The theme will be Cosmomimetic design – how design in nature emerges and evolves, analogically, asymmetrically and optimally from entropy – the arrow of time. This has significant implications for both sustainable design and development.
The talk will also touch on the role of an icon of geometry, art, design and architectural theory, Leonardo’s golden ratio and how, through design – it bridges the two cultures of art and science.
The cultural complexity that the Asynsis principle-Constructal law frequently generates will be addressed with an example of a transcultural design project, the Hong Kong Spin, which I designed for that city as a celebration of the success of the
“one country-two systems” principle.
Nigel Anthony Reading RIBA | ASYNSIS
Architect + Designer | Transcultural Sustainable Design Master
Ideas Realised : Poetic Pragmatism | Shanghai.Hong Kong.Singapore.Paris.London | |!/ASYNSIS 



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