E8 & Asynsis: Elementary, (Exceptionally) Simple, Beautiful

Vale Professor Vera de Spinadel, friend and peer-reviewer of the Asynsis principle. Eternal gratitude and thanks!


E8 E8 Particle Explorer

E8_CCAP Connection Curvature Action Possibility

Maui Maui Archipelago

G+N Garrett Lisi & Nigel Reading @ PSI

E8 Verdurous E8 Verdurous

E8 Pukalani E8 Pukalani

Broad Boulevards of Possibility E8-Feigenbaum diagram: Asynsis Optimal path to Universality?

I’m very honoured and grateful to have just visited the Pacific Science Institute in Maui, Hawaii and to hear from theoretical physicist and avid adventure sports avatar, Garrett Lisi that Asynsis geometries are also a key “elementary” signature fundamental to the Exceptional Lie groups behind his E8 Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything – an alternative (and still evolving), unified field theory to String and Membrane theory. As Einstein said to Le Corbusier on the Asynsis geometry Modular: “…it makes a difficult job easier.”

le-corbusier-einstein Corbusier & Einstein @ Princeton

So are we on the “Dao of Design: Form follows Flow” path to Einstein’s “…Simple and Beautiful” principle of the universe?


Connection: describing elementary particles in space time by rotations of E8 over space time

Curvature: the…

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~ by Asynsis on February 6, 2017.

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