Asynsis@TEDx Wanchai Aug 23 2014


Nigel TEDx Wanchai




















TEDx WanChai – Theme: Ripples

Form follows Flow

Dao of Design: How Greek Beauty Synergises Chinese Fortune

I’m sharing how elegance in nature transforms into sustainability in culture, why beauty flows in time.

The new Asynsis principle-Constructal law design paradigm: bridging western geometry and eastern philosophy to help design a more sustainable, beautiful global future.

Nigel ReadingTEDxWC_FIN210814.PDF


~ by Asynsis on August 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Asynsis@TEDx Wanchai Aug 23 2014”

  1. […] the #Constructal thermodynamic physics law of Design in Nature & Culture and is now shared on TED Conferences and applied in Design Practice by Asynsis founder, architect, Nigel Anthony READING ARB-UK, […]

  2. […] First conjecture that Phi is an asymptotic converging constant in Feigenbaum diagram/Mandelbrot sets in AD Magazine 1994 Architecture & Film issue, now shared in Hong Kong, 2014 on TED Conferences […]

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