Asynsis Principle-Constructal law Team @ ARUP Foresight & Innovation

Asynsis principle-Constructal law

Asynsis principle-Constructal law

More for less, a new design and construction optimisation paradigm with global reach and universal local application to promote sustainable design and development.
In our work (as just presented to ARUP Foresight & Innovation in London yesterday, Friday May 3 2013), the Asynsis-Constructal Law team describe the thermodynamic behaviours in nature that reveal the golden ratio’s geometrical optimisation signatures (as for example, an archetypal fractal imbedded in the Mandelbrot set/Feigenbaum diagram with asymptotic convergence), in both space and time, an effective Complexity ToE.
Cosmomimetic Design in Nature, Consciousness & Culture – Asynsis Principle-Constructal Law Seminar, ARUP HQ, Fitzroy Street, London.
Dim Sum Musketeers

Sylvie Lorente, Nigel Reading and Adrian Bejan – #AsynsisConstructal #FormFollowsFlow alignment over Dim Sum


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