Quasicrystals…never completely repeating: endless creativity

Asynsis Principle Geometries


Golden Ratio at the edge of Chaos: Never fully repeating – The Asynsis Principle – Constructal Law visualised

~ by Asynsis on May 15, 2012.

5 Responses to “Quasicrystals…never completely repeating: endless creativity”

  1. If God was the Will to create, would you consider this His manifestation through matter?

    • “If God were”, sorry.

      • Hi Estel, That’s a very good question but as an agnostic scientific materialist I’d have to say that I’m simply not qualified to answer you. Adrian Bejan is more categorical – he refutes the notion of intelligent design outright. For him, design is an emergent property of the law of entropy. Geometry is the signature of that optimal emergence, no more.

      • I wasn’t so much thinking about intelligent design (I’m not quite sure what intelligence would be in a godly scale) but in a “force of randomness”, stubborn in breaking the pattern, stubborn in being creative. Call it a primordial law of phisics, call it the Creator (without being judgemental about its intelligence).

      • Creation is certainly primordial but still immanent, its persistence and verisimilitude is awesome and so worthy of reflection. The question is, can there be creation without a creator? Spinoza says yes – creation can be self-organised, with the emergent properties, symmetries, harmonics and geometries being the signatures of the unfolding, continuing creation we see around us. For some this inspires faith – for others, awe. Whatever works for you. I prefer the latter because faith is too often a conspiracy theory with low tolerance of dissent (except for the moral philosophy and theory of consciousness aspects of Buddhism). Questions are better than answers, because they engender progress and one hopes, enlightenment.

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