Design is an emergent property of increasing entropy. Human design emulates nature & complexity yields sustainability:

Reflections on Diplomacy

I’m no friend of “top down” planning and have often chided anyone believing that this can be done meaningfully. Reality is messy, is my jaundiced view, and there are too many factors impinging on it: seeking out a few “choice” factors for planning, and ignoring the rest, is likely to produce a maladaptive monster. Improvement is possible, in my view, but not “progress towards an imagined and final “eutopia”. In other words: “think locally”, and “for the rest hope for the best”. This means that one always has opportunistically to look for improving adaptations, but also be on guard against falling into the next ditch.

A recipe for “laissez faire”? No. “Messiness” need not be homogenous. Whatever the situation, there are some “bright spots” worth building on. “Bright spots”[1] are things that seem to go right in a bleak landscape of things that are wrong or seem to be…

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~ by Asynsis on May 4, 2012.

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