Analogy yields Extropia

Why paradoxical low-entropy structure at large and small scales when our whole universe is heading for thermal equilibrium – heat death? Why (improbable) increasing complexity?
Einstein linked space with reversible time, Boltzmann and Prigogine linked space with irreversible time, yielding deeper understanding of morphogenesis through self-organised, self-similar emergence in complexity.
To speculate, the four forces and other constants of nature, (locally driven by low-entropy solar radiation), create structure at all scales. The laws that order them are time reversible though, so complex dynamical systems, self-similarity, self-organisation and evolution actually harness the irreversibility of entropy increase to transiently, spontaneously create yet more sophisticated, rich, open low-entropy systems and coalesced structure, by energy minimising and exporting high entropy into their environments and computationally, accessing mathematical singularities.
In poetic terms, analogy and metaphor are conceptual quasi-fractals: optimal creation surfs self-symmetrical possibility spaces.
This nonlinear feedback process of recursive computation thereby fleetingly creates fractal self-similar low entropy echoes of the initial low entropy creation event.
Complexity reflexively emerges iteratively from this (re)computation of creation.
The process is Asynsis (asymptotic synthesis), the result is the reciprocal of entropy: Extropia

~ by Asynsis on February 25, 2012.

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