Dynamical Symmetries? Omnipresent Golden Ratio? Blame it on Orpheus and the Ballet

We are embedded in (and emergent from), the unfolding creation that started with the big bang.
Creation itself is ongoing as the universe expands, self-organises and evolves, so creation of course is not just one isolated event that happened in the distant past, rather it abides all around and inside us.
Nature’s fecundity is derived from dynamics yielding statics, from the material forms that emerge and coalesce from the energy and information processes of time’s arrow and thermodynamics.
Nature is not just a statue, rather she’s (such) a fabulous, elegant dancer.
So in the Golden Ratio (or Phi), we inevitably hear her song and see the traces of her brilliant choreography all around us. The frequent Phi ratios found in the universal symphony of natural systems are analogous to the constant frequency ratios of the logarithmic equal temperament musical scale.
E8, M-Theory and Superstrings are our 21st Century Music of the Spheres.
Ideal design should therefore (rather like the Ballet), be a fusion of process and form, be poetic pragmatism: together in asymptotic synthesis, in Asynsis.

~ by Asynsis on February 13, 2012.

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