Asynsis | Form follows Flow

Hong Kong Spin


Asynsis | Dynamical Symmetries

(Good) Form follows (True) Flow

BREAKING: May 2015 

New Computational Complexity Science Theories (including in Quantum Gravity & Consciousness models), emerge featuring Asynsis-Constructal  Universality Geometries:

“The designs we see in nature are not chance. They rise naturally, spontaneously,
because they enhance access to flow…”

(any flows – including of: information, energy or matter)

Adrian Bejan

SynPlexity: Synergising Simplexity – Sustainable Emergent Critical Design
The areas of synthesis between complexity sciences, fractal geometry and the golden mean’s behaviours in dynamical systems over time: leading to an argument for an architectural design approach based on beauty, analogy, synesis and optimisation via emergent, contextual, vernacular-informed yet contemporary environmentally sustainable design. Where the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.

Draft Issue 2.0 (Peer-reviewed by the Corresponding Editor of  Nexus Network Journal Professor Vera W. de Spinadel and amended/elaborated upon in 2011 from the 1994 original published in AD magazine, John Wiley & Sons London)


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  1. I’d like to contact you and pose a few questions, is this possible?

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